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Buy premium, exclusive cartoon bongs at the lowest prices anywhere online! All designs and characters price matched at 5% across all online headshops to bring you the very best deals.

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CheapBongsForSale collaborates with some of the largest brands and manufacturers of official cartoon bongs to bring you the very best deals across the globe. Our bongs might be cheap, but the quality certainly isn’t; all bongs in our inventory are made from durable scientific glass and silicone to guarantee they stay with you for  the long run, just like your favorite shows.

The best selling bongs feature the likes of Hello Kitty, providing the most in-demand themed bongs, while the newest range brings you the most exclusive discounts. No matter whether your price range is $30 or less, $50 or less, or below $100, we’ve got cartoon bongs for every wallet!

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Coolest Cartoon Bongs for Sale

40+ Cartoon bongs deals, only on CBFS.

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Mario’s Tube – 3 Colors – 11.5″ Super Mario Glass Perc Bongs

$124.99 $76.99
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Filtered Mario – 3 Colors – 11.5″ Mario Themed Perc Bongs

$109.99 $71.99
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Thorny Rose – Large 17″ Rose Painted Perc Bong

$219.99 $114.99

Hello Kitty Beaker Bong – Pink – 10″ Ice Glass Bong

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Hello Kitty Glass Bong Collection – 4 Models – Ice Glass Bongs

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Little Kitty Bong – Pink – 6″ Glass Perc Hello Kitty Bong

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Matrix Kitty Bong – Pink – 8″ Glass Perc Hello Kitty Bong

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Hello Kitty Bong – Pink – 10″ Straight Tube Ice Glass Bong

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Super Mario Glass Bong – 11″ Mario Cartoon Glass Ice Bong

$199.99 $84.99

Honey Kitty Bong – Pink – 8″ Hello Kitty Perc Glass Bong

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