Breakthrough in CBD Coronavirus Treatment

Covid-19 has affected everyone on this planet, whether it is you or a family member. Thousands of people have been left unemployed and under government lockdowns. Some businesses have even been forced to shut down for good.

This virus has everyone scrambling to find a vaccine or some kind of treatment that can cure the coronavirus. Drugs that some people have never even heard of have become household items due to professionals claiming that can treat this virus. However, there has been one breakthrough in Canada, showing promising evidence that CBD might be the potential coronavirus treatment.

CBD Treatment for Coronavirus

A study realized by Preprints showed that certain extracts from high-CBD cannabis play a huge part in stopping the damage done by the spread of COVID-19. They have done this by creating modules of the ACE2 receptors found in the lungs, oral and nasal mucus, kidneys, testes, and gastrointestinal tract. This is how the coronavirus enters the body, and the coronavirus hooks onto it to infect different cells.

Another thing with this study is that cannabis that you buy from the store will not work. Only a small amount of strains out of the 800 tested showed promise, and these were ones that had high traces of antiinflammatory properties and low in THC which produces the cannabis high.

The author of this study identified 13 different extracts that show ACE2 genes and protein levels. The results are promising, although there isn’t a lot to go off of. In conclusion, the author of this study states that the continuation of this study is crucial to analyzing the uses of high-CBD cannabis as treatment for this virus.

A Low Risk Drug, with a High Reward

One reason why CBD shows promise of becoming a treatment plan is because no one has ever died from an overdose and it is used for its anti-inflammatory properties. This causes the herb to be considered low risk for COVID-19 patients, and can even stop the virus from hurting the patients organs any further.

While only a single study provides such little evidence that CBD can show ACE2 genes, it is still encouraging and a promising study since the coronavirus enters through the ACE2 receptors. Due to coronavirus wrecking havoc on people’s health and economic stability, any potential treatment, whether it includes cannabis or not, has to be studied to its full extent.

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