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The best place to buy cheap glass water weed bongs for sale online at the best price possible. We price match every bong on our store at 5% less than competitors to guarantee the best deals on premium bongs and water pipes.

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If you’re looking for the smoothest smoke you can find, we’ve got some great news for you: just add water! Used for centuries in cultures all around the world, these pipes use water filtration systems to help your tobacco go down that much easier.

CheapBongsForSale only carries the coolest, most durable bongs around for both style and cost effectiveness. All of our weed bongs and water pipes are from premium brands and designs at regular prices, thanks to our amazing deals on overstocked and end-of-line bongs. The very best quality for the very best prices!

If you’re after a bong on a shoestring budget, take a look at our cheapest range and bongs under $30. Got a little more to spend? Head over to our below $50 and below $100 lines to see big savings on big bongs!

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Frozen Sinner – 3 Colors – 18″ Glycerin Ice Glass Bongs

$249.99 $123.99
Best Black Bong Deals
Best Blue Bong Deals
Best Green Bong Deals

Thorny Rose – Black – 13.5 Inch 7mm Thick Rose Glass Bong

$147.99 $75.99

5.5″ Drippy Kid – 3 Colors – Dual Colored Perc Mini Bongs

5.5″ Tropical Diamond – 4 Colors – Small Perc Glass Bubbler Bongs

$74.95 $39.95

Traveler – 4 Colors – 10″ GRAV Labs Glass Bongs

$59.99 $18.99
Best Black Bong Deals
Best Blue Bong Deals
Best Green Bong Deals
Best Red Bong Deals

6″ Mellow Globe – 2 Colors – Colored Mini Glass Bongs

$74.95 $35.95

11.5″ Super Mario Tube Bong – 3 Colors – Mario Glass Water Bongs

6.3″ GRAV Labs Circuit – 4 Colors – Perc Glass Bubbler Bongs

12″ Double Hitter – 3 Colors – Double Perc Glass Bongs

12″ Holy Rainbow – 3 Colors – Thick Glass Ice Perc Bongs

$119.99 $74.99
Best Black Bong Deals
Best Green Bong Deals
Best Purple Bong Deals

14″ Helix Splash – 2 Colors – Grace Glass Perc Bongs

DNA Finder – 2 Colors – 8.5″ Rotating Glass Perc Bongs

$149.99 $66.99
Best Green Bong Deals
Turquoise Bong Deals

The Guardian – 3 Colors – 12″ Colored Ice Glass Bongs

$104.99 $56.99
Best Green Bong Deals
Best Purple Bong Deals
Best Red Bong Deals

5.5″ Fumed Shower – Gold – Small Glass Percolator Water Bong

$69.95 $34.95

6″ Golden Servant – Small Gold Glass Water Bong

$59.95 $32.95

6″ The Dreamer – Colored Mini Recycler Percolator Bong

$157.95 $59.95

7.5″ Spinning Diva – 3 Colors – Rotatable Colored Perc Bongs

$117.95 $49.95

5.5″ Golden Trophy – Fumed Mini Glass Bong

$59.95 $33.95

12″ Holy Priest – 3 Colors – Modular Freezable Glass Bongs

$189.95 $89.95

8″ Little Buddy – 4 Colors – Small Glass Ice Bongs

11.5″ Super Mario Bong – 3 Colors – Mario Themed Bongs

8″ Straight Buddy – 5 Colors – Small Glass Ice Bongs

$49.95 $29.95

12″ GRAV Crystal Bong – 7 Colors – Colored Ice Bongs

$99.95 $54.95

17″ Thorny Rose – 7mm Thick – Rose Skull Ice Glass Perc Bong

$219.95 $119.95

18″ Thorny Rose – 7mm Thick – Rose Skull Ice Beaker Perc Bong

$219.95 $119.95

8″ GRAV Black Rock – Black Colored GRAV Labs Ice Bong

$109.95 $59.95

10″ Hitman Maximus – 3 Colors – Colored Percolator Glass Bongs

$99.95 $59.95

10″ Hello Kitty Beaker Bong – Pink Colored – Ice Glass Bong

$99.95 $59.95

Hello Kitty Glass Bong Collection – 3 Models – Ice Glass Bongs

10″ Hello Kitty Bong – Pink Colored – Straight Tube Ice Glass Bong

$99.95 $59.95
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